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Leon Löwentraut - VIVID DELIGHT

17.06 - 22.07.2023

Galerie Rother, Wiesbaden

25-year-old LEON LÖWENTRAUT has made a name for himself in the international art world with impressive speed: his art is in demand worldwide, his exhibition openings are considered spectacular. With his art he irritates, inspires and polarizes. The business magazine Forbes selected him as one of the "30 under 30" (the 30 most important personalities under 30). His works have already been shown in numerous renowned exhibition spaces around the world.

Stephanie and Christian Rother, owners of the family-run Galerie Rother, which specializes in classic modern and contemporary art and will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2024, emphasize, "With Leon, we are united by the common goal of bringing more people to art, being creativity instigators and spreading the positive energy of art." They add, "We see a lot of potential in Leon, also because of his high level of professionalism even at a young age. He has the will to become one of the greats of his generation." No wonder, then, that they are convinced art partners of the young artist, whose works the gallery has already exhibited at Art Miami and Art Toronto last year.

Starting June 17, his latest works can be admired at our gallery. Come by and celebrate with us LEON LÖWENTRAUT, the face of a new generation of artists.