Leon Löwentraut – In Time


Kulturraffinerie K714, Monheim, Germany

At the future cultural refinery K714 in Monheim, Leon Löwentraut exhibits charcoal drawings on handmade paper, limited hand-painted canvas works, the new large-format image series "Lockdown," and 17 unique pieces from the image series "#Art4GlobalGoals." This important series refers to the 17 global goals that were adopted by the UN for the sustainable development of the global community, which Löwentraut was able to interpret and artistically implement in his style in 2017.

As a culmination of the 17 goals, the young artist is presenting the 1.90-meter-tall handpainted bronze sculpture "Character" for the first time. The sculpture explores his central theme "Different Minds" and is Löwentraut's personal 18th goal, which aims to motivate people to raise their awareness of sustainability and climate change. Löwentraut believes that there is still an ambivalence in the way people approach these issues, which is why he created "Character" to serve as a call to action and to inspire individuals to become more involved in the movement towards sustainability.